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Top Credit Card Reward Programs For 2017

We use it almost every day. It helps us to put food on the table, clothing on the backs of our children, and to put a roof over our head. It is also there when we get sick or are car breaks down. Do you know what ‘it’ is? If you guessed your mother, you’re wrong! ‘It’ is a credit card and most Americans have at least three of them in their wallets.

But this little piece of plastic does more than pay for things; it can pay you back in many ways. Credit card reward programs are not new. From sign-up bonuses to frequent flyer points, there are as many benefits to being a credit card owner as there are cards available. But which are the best credit card reward programs? That depends on who you ask. It also depends on what you want from your credit card company. Read on and learn what that little piece of plastic can do for you!

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  1. Amex Express Premier Rewards
  2. Chase Freedom Card
  3. Barclay Arrival Plus
  4. Bank of America Travel Rewards
  5. Discover It
  6. Capital One Venture Rewards
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